Roof cleaning, cleaning roofs, power washing, roof, black streaks, mold, algae. Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Va.
Roof cleaning, black streak removal, power washing, dirt roof, cleaning. Virginia
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Roof Cleaning. Before and after image of roof on a very nice house. Virginia

ROOF CLEANING: Many homeowners believe that when their roof becomes discolored with black stains that their roof needs replacing at a cost of thousands of dollars.  This is not true.  

What has happened is that an algae and fungus is feeding on the organic matter in the roofing shingles. As the fungi mature and age, they develop a black color as a defense to ultraviolet rays.  It is this black color, typically in the form of streaks or patches, that homeowners see resulting in an unattractive roof that lowers the overall attractiveness and value of the house.  If you're selling your house, this can cause great concern to the prospective home buyer as they think they will have to put out thousands for a new roof.

Some homeowners will try to clean their own roofs using bleach.  Unfortunately, bleach will eventually cause the roof to whiten and the shingles become hardened. Bleach should never be used to clean a roof because of the damage it will cause.

At Augusta Roof Brite, we received professional training through American Roof Brite to safely and properly remove black roof streaks and other discoloring dirt from your roof.  We use a combination of safe Environmentally-Friendly and effective solutions and a small amount of "very safe pressure" to restore your roof to its original or near-original new looking state in only a few hours.

Save thousands by using our roof cleaning service instead of  replacing. Safe, effective, professionally trained. Call us at (540)487-7663 in Stuarts Draft to bring your roof back to life.

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